Monday, October 17, 2011

Short Explanation

I decided on whim to shut down the server for a little bit, because I will not be around to manage it. Usually its not a problem but the computer is old and the fans are starting to act strange. What with our towns planned power outages, I found this to be the best decision. Back soon.

Minecraft Server Down

The Minecraft server is going down for a little bit, use has been particularly low, and I would like to manage a few things on it. Sorry about it going down. That is the nature of a free server ran from a guys basement I am afraid.
Only for a little while be patient.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Problem taken care of, anyone who wants to buy me a battery charged surge protector for the server would get me eternal gratitude.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Well Negaunee power likes to pick some great times to cut out, so now we have a server error I need to fix sometime before the server can go live, I have no homework this weekend so I should have some time. Anyway no server for a bit.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello Everybody!

veiledAutonym here, to shit more words all over this blog.

I'm the one who's been updating the Tramway so far on the server. We've successfully gotten the tram to a complete circuit! I'm using a cropped down version of the overmap mike provided earlier as a tool to show what I'm planning for further development of the tram into more than just one big circle, but a full system of lines. Here we go:

In red are the current bits of tram that exist, though some portions off the main loop are missing or incomplete when it comes to rails. The diagonal portions are a bit of an experiment: we can't put boosters on them, but your minecarts actually travel faster diagonally than they do straight (8 m/s on straightaways, 11.313 m/s diagonally). However, many places already have straight rails, and when building new rails straight tracks are easier to plan and more efficient in terms of iron and cobble used for a given distance. I plan on going back through older portions of the track and "curving" the corners, cutting them with a short bit of 45 degree track. But that's for later. Right now there are three main tram projects I'd like to get done.

1. The Gopher Express
This will be a bidirectional line, going straight from the "Jason's lava world" stop, and heading out to gopher's Penis Compensator Castle. The planned route is the lime green bits in the bottom right, though the ending at the castle is not yet determined because Gopher is going to decide where the tram should go to get there.

2. Clay beach -to- Tyler's city thing -to- The unnamed random corner of the tram
This is the big loop on th eleft hand side of the map, again in lime green. I hope to see some more stuff out of this area, and a more direct access route might help with that.

3. "The Big Loop"
This is the line that goes up through castle sandrock, and is headign for EternalLostBoy's and ArmlessDan's Coopertive Hippie Commune homestead. I plan on it going very far, up and around The hills there and far north, swinging around a good portion of the map. Here's a Preview of what I'm thinking so far (This is far off in the future though, so this rough draft will certainly change)
above: Crappy attempt at planning the future. Pretty much useless.